When Latvians talk about their land national identity, nothing would describe it more exactly than a real rye-bread.

The bakery “Lāči” uses immemorial cultivated master knowledge and skills to bake the bread. The real rye-bread is baked from the steel cut rye meal, the fermentation process takes place in wooden tubs, the fermentation base is created rather with the starter than with the pressed yeast, bread is baked in a real wood-fired hearth and all this gives a unique flavor and nutritional value to the bread.


Detailed information and application for the excursions:
Working time: working days from 9.00 till 17.00
Mobile: +371 29256676
E-mail: izklaide@laci.lv
Address: SIA ''Lāči'' , ''Benūžu - Skauģi'' , Babītes parish., Babītes region., LV - 2107.
Only a 30 minute drive from dowtown Riga, 12 km along the highway to Liepāja!

Make a prepayment if you want to make a reservation

Company Properties:

   SIA Lāči
   "Benūžu- Skauģi", Babītes pag., Babītes nov., LV-2107
   A/S "Swedbank"

Payment need to specify the target - prepayment for the excursion xx / xx / 201xx

Your reservation will be guaranteed only after the advance payment or after full payment. Advance payment must be made within 2 working days from the date of the application for the excursion.

Advance payment return conditions:

• If the excursion is refused at least 10 days before the proposed date - the advance money returns 100% of the amount paid

• If up to the requested excursion is less than 10 days - advance money returns 50% of the amount paid

• If less than 5 days left till the requested excursion, we do not return the advance money.

When the payment is made, send the payment order to the e-mail izklaide@laci.lv