Interesting foods. Hospilaty, delicious coffee, "Lāči" Bakery masterpieces, and the allure of a country idyll. These are just few things that describe this place. A place where you can spend a wonderful and unforgettable time with your loved ones. A place where love brings people together through the heart and through the stomach. 

"Lāču" cafe are welcome daily from  8.00 till 22.00

Offer of the day

"Lāču" cafe every working day from 11.00 till 16.00 offer lunch for the special price:

  • Soup + main dish: 4,49 EUR
  • Soup + main dish + dessert: 5,95 EUR
  • Main dish + dessert 4,49 EUR


We offer to get “Lāči” family friend’s card also in our café that give a 7% discount for all purchases and orders. Discount can be used in “Lāči” shops and for a delicious meal in the café and for an interesting excursion around “Lāči”.

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